Wreckage - Every Writer's Resource

the art of being breathless In-flight Literary Magazine

i wish i could wear sunglasses @ night - Angel City Review

Your Porch - voicemailpoems.org

tom bradley international terminal - Chaparral

letter - Guerrilla Graffiti

recluse - Guerrilla Graffiti

Gray Prison - Infinite Pathways Press

Dust - Infinite Pathways Press

Alzheimer's - Infinite Pathways Press

B R E A K – Five 2 One Magazine

HAHAHAHAHAHA – Five 2 One Magazine

poetry died in my arms last nightIn-flight Literary Magazine

WadeIn-flight Literary Magazine

Print Publications:

ursula - 24 Hour Poetry Marathon Anthology

Tractions - Swan Children

Temper - Metaphor Magazine

Move the Chains - Metaphor Magazine

Telephone - TipsyLit

Ass and Turtles with a Chance of Rain – Five 2 One Magazine

Christchurch - Cityscapes

========= - Cityscapes

The Waiting - Cityscapes

nerves never lead to anything except shaking hands and sloppy footing - Reasons to Never Return

Dial Tone - Reasons to Never Return

Open Letter to an Empty Classroom - Love Letters to Spam

Mileage - Ladybox Books Ellx Blog

Patchwork - Arab Love Poem Anthology

Falling in Love with the Night - Arab Love Poem Anthology



¶: unspeakable poems - Paper Plane Pilot Publishing 2016



TipsyLit Fiction Contest - 1st Place - Telephone 

Poetry Nook Weekly Contest - 1st Place - nerves never lead to anything except shaking hands and sloppy footing

Rabbit Catastophe Review Contest - Finalist - Body Story


Online Publications:

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